Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I posted. My personal life has been super rocky lately, so I never had motivation to post anything. But here I am! I’ve started journaling which I hope will help me with blogging.

Back at the end of May, my friends and I decided to make a trip to Aruba, One Happy Island! It was such an amazing trip. We went there for 10 days, which honestly wasn’t enough. I definitely would’ve enjoyed a whole month there. I learned that every native Aruban there speaks four languages! In elementary school, they learn Dutch. Then in middle school, they learn Spanish. From birth, they speak Papiamento (which used to be a dialect, but is now considered an actual language). And they learn English in school also! It’s incredible.

While we were out exploring the island, we met these two guys that are famous in Aruba. They’re a singing and rapping duo, with their songs in Papiamento. Their songs are on the radio out there, and on Spotify. They even have people go up to them on the street to ask them for a picture! They’re known as Wichi & Ty on Youtube and Spotify. They even have some features on Apple Music if you guys want to check them out!
I’m super glad we ran into them because they were super nice and friendly. They even hung out with us a few days and showed us around the island!

I’m saving up to go to Aruba again, it was definitely my happy place.

Until next time! ♥

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