Grand Opening!

Hey everyone! Long time no see.

I took a long hiatus from the blogging world. A lot went on in my life and I wasn’t focused on blogging anymore.

If anyone remembers, I had a blog called “Beauty and the Blog”. After a few months with it, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. I found out he had cheated on me the entire year we were together.
I talked to his ex and it turns out, we have the same hatred for him. And now we’re best friends. And roommates!

Yes, I’ve moved out of my parent’s. Finally!

I started going back to school three hours away from where I live. It’s been going good so far! I might update my blog with a few study posts (notes n shtuff).

Anyways, 2016 was such a great year for me. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me.

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! Hope you’re here to stick around :).

    That guy is a major jerk. At least out of this whole thing, you got a best friend and moved out! Good luck with school and have a great year!

    1. Thank you! I’m here to stay.

      Yes! I haven’t thought about him except for this post to let people know why I haven’t been around.

      Thank you! Hope 2017 is good to both of us!

  2. I dig the name!! I also know a song called4am, and 4am is a pretty cool time of day too.

    Your ex is a dick. 😞 But I’m glad you found a friend in his ex too. I swear a lot of ladies out there become friends by sharing the same hatred for a man. Or common man, even. Most men are jerks haha. 😜

    Three hours sounds like a long trek. In Sydney it’s actually quite common for people to live quite far up north or west, and travel into Sydney city to study.

    Looking forward to more posts, welcome back! πŸ’–

    1. Thank you!

      I had no idea it was a song lol. I picked the name because insomnia has been kicking my ass lately. I’m always staying up late in bed & I always think of random things during those times which could potentially be good blog posts LOL.
      So that was basically one of the things that pushed me back to blogging, other than the fact that I missed it so much.

      Honestly, when we were first talking, it was only about him since that’s how we were bonding. We literally finished each other’s sentences about him hahaha.

      Over here, it’s really 50/50. Some people go to a junior college to be close to home and save money rather than going into a 4 year university at first. And then some people fly off to different states just so they can be away from home lol.

      Thanks for the warm welcome.

  3. Welcome back, girl! I was wondering where you’ve gone, blogging-wise.

    Your ex sucks! But at least you’ve gained a new best friend!

    I want to move out too, so hopefully this year…Can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring all of us.

  4. wow, what a d*ckhead. but hey, i bet he cheated because he realized he’s too much of a basic shizz to be dating you so he’s gonna date some other basic person too, pfft. you’re too cool for his basic taste *snap snap hairflip* (oh my, i’m a new reader and already i’m exposing my sass)

    looking forward to your future posts

    1. Haha honestly! And it wasn’t even the first time he’s cheated. He cheated on all his girlfriends before. πŸ™„

      (I love your sass haha)!!

  5. Wow! Three hours sounds like an amazing commute. When I lived away from home, home was also three hours away and even going back for break was tough but you have to travel 3 hours a lot more often!

    Congrats on the new blog opening! Excited to see all your new content

    1. Honestly, I’m not even complaining about the commute back home. It’s a lot better than flying back home haha. The drive isn’t that bad, especially since my roommate lives in the same area back home, so I always have a travel buddy! It makes the drive less boring lol.

      Thank you very much! I’m excited to be back in the blogging world.

  6. Hi Meaghan! Stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hello. I’ve only recently returned to the blogging community as well so everything is still very fresh and exciting. And my god, what your ex did is truly awful… Anyways, good luck with the new blog and I look forward to reading!

    1. Hi Beverley! Welcome back to the blogging world!
      Yeah, I try not to think about it anymore! I’m just surrounding myself with positivity.

      Thank you, same to you as well.

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