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I had been living at home for 21 years. When I finally got the chance, I moved out!

If anyone remembers from when I had Faded Aeterna, I was attending college straight out of high school. During the beginning of my third year, I decided to stop attending. I just kept thinking that school was not for me. I still think it isn’t. I am not motivated for schoolwork, but that’s a story for another time.

I had taken a break from school for a couple years. I was just working and living at home, and life was good.
I was making good money working a desk job at a start up company where everyone was very friendly and close. It felt like another family.

My parents had told me they weren’t going to help me out if I had moved out without getting an education.
My best friend, B, was telling me how the girl who was supposed to move in with her for college bailed at the last minute right before signing the lease. I decided to move in with her because why not? It was then that I decided to start going back to school.

Living on my own has taught me a lot. I didn’t realize how expensive it was for necessities! Groceries, toilet paper, toothpaste, tampons (the time of month is dreadful), and laundry! The apartment complex I’m living in has a laundry room where I have to pay $1.75 USD to wash my clothes and $1.25 USD to dry them. It’s so expensive! A floor mattress serves me as a bed.
I’d love to do a room tour for one of my posts after I clean up a bit, if anyone is interested! I have so many tapestries on my walls & I can link to where I got them! They’re really affordable, since I’m ballin’ on a budget now haha. Let me know what you think!

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    1. Thanks! Honestly it makes me so stressed!

      I’ll probably do a room tour after Chinese New Year’s, so I have time to clean my room! I’m excited to make the post!

  1. I fully understand what you mean: after high school I moved from Italy to near Manchester, UK, to study englis,h and I had to live on my own for more than a year there; after spending on groceries, automatic laundries services, personal products and such I had to eat at fast food joints and similar in order to save something.

    1. That’s so far! One of my new year resolutions is to eat out less. So I’ve been buying groceries and cooking food myself. It’s also a good way to be healthy! I used to eat out so much & now I’m saving money and being healthy at the same time!

  2. Good luck with living on your own! It can be difficult, but you can do it!

    Good luck with school, too! Sometimes school isn’t for everyone, I noticed. Taking break from it can be good because it makes you realise whether you want to continue or stop. I personally liked school, and I kind of miss it. But when I think about the papers and such I had to do . . . maybe not so much XD;

    1. Thank you!

      I feel like I need another break from
      school… but I’ve only attended one semester so far. D:
      Papers are easy for me to do hah

  3. Goodluck with living on your own! Personally, I can’t wait to live on my own! I’m 20 and still live with my parents because I’m waiting to finish my degree at my University close by. I have to buy my own necessities though so it’s given me an idea of how expensive things are!

    Would love to see a tour!!

    1. Thank you!
      Honestly that’s the best choice! It’s so much easier and more affordable to live at home. But it’s also a great experience living on your own.

      I’m getting my room ready & cleaning up before I take photos for the tour.

  4. I’ve been living out of home since I was 18 because my mother was quite abusive and I couldn’t take it anymore. I even lived on my own in Kansas for a few months with my gf (ex now) but still, it was an interesting thing, and now I’m on my own with my husband and our dog Good luck!

  5. I went to university straight out of high school, and then I did my masters degree straight after my bachelors, but that path isn’t for everyone. Some people choose to go back to school and others don’t, but there’s no shame in going or not.

    I still live with my parents but I’ve gone away for periods at a time and definitely noticed how high the cost of living can be along with paying for rent.

    It’s a shame your parents won’t help you out but I’m sure you have done a lot better than they expected. You’re not struggling – you found a way to earn money and enjoy it (mmm startups are usually the best companies to work for :)), and to purchase things that are affordable… I would love to see all your home decor!

    1. I wish that’s what I would’ve done. But I just wasn’t motivated enough & that sucks.
      California is seriously so expensive. :| Cost of living is so high!
      It’s hard though, sometimes I will have to borrow money from my friends (we have different pay periods) & I’ll pay them back whenever I get my paycheck. 😪

      I will definitely do a room tour once everything’s cleaned up! I still haven’t set up my room the way I like it yet.

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere! It’s good to see you

    Good luck with school and living on your own and everything! I would love to see a room tour. I feel like you would have an amazing place

    1. Thank you! I’ve missed it so much!

      And thanks! I’m getting my room ready for Chinese New Year’s and for when my parents visit. After that, I’ll be taking photos for the room tour~

  7. Living alone is always scary but at the same time, I can’t wait to purchase my own apartment. Partially because I wanted to be independent… and I want to decorate my own home. Of course I want to see a room tour.

    Different people have different education routes. I have always hated the education system in my country but having certifications and degree is probably the safest way to continue living here. All the best with school. Make the best out of it and enjoy every single second.

    1. It’s amazing because I can decorate my place however I want! No restrictions with my parents.

      Yes, I’m unable to get higher paying jobs even though I’m qualified. And it’s all because I don’t have a degree, sigh. 😪

  8. I still remember when I first moved away from home at 17 to start university and it was exciting but so daunting at the same time. I then realised how much I took things for granted at home – always having food in the fridge, toothpaste and rolls of toilet paper etc. I think I did struggle a bit to start with but everyone was in the same boat. When I lived in uni halls, paying for washing and drying laundry had to be the absolute worst thing ever – I definitely don’t miss that.
    Hope you enjoy being back at school and living with your friend! I would love to see a room tour as well

    1. Yeah, I was pretty excited to be on my own! I guess I hadn’t taken into account how much money I’d have to be spending on necessities.
      Thank you! I’m still working on setting up my room the way I like it. So I’ll be taking photos soon!

  9. You know what, you might not feel it but you are very young to realize all these things. I’m 27 and I moved out when I was 23 and it has been a super struggle to just be comfortable. So I’m happy for you that you’re able to at least see what’s nessecary and get it done life is expensive. Especially here in California. The average rental is $1100… people in other states pay $400 for what a lot of us are paying @~@ it's crazy. Although food is actually cheaper here, believe it or not. San Diego co electric rates are INSANE. I'm saving to buy a house and to incorporate a lot of off grid components, such as a rocket heater system, to be frugal :p

    Hope you're well, it's so good to hear from you!

    1. Ugh, tell me about it! California is just too expensive for me, but I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else.
      My half of the rent is only $440, which is cheap for California. My roommate has to be $480 because she has her dog on the lease. A dog is $40 extra a month! OMG!

      I had no idea food’s cheaper here. That’s nice to know, and actually makes me feel a little better lol.

      I actually would love to move down to SoCal! Everyone in Norcal, especially the part where I’m living in for school is super conservative… and it makes me very uncomfortable. D: My cousin lives in San Diego and I fell in love with it!

      I hope you’re able to buy your dream house! Let me know how house hunting is!

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