Second Semester

Last semester, I didn’t do so well. I was in a trigonometry class and an anthropology class after not being at school for a couple years.
i’m trying to change that this semester. I’m taking a Life Management class, which is part of my GE units and is CSU (California State University) transferable. It’s a pretty interesting class. My professor makes us keep a time sheet of things we do during the day so we can see where all our time is going to. From doing that, I realized that I was using a lot of my free time watching Netflix or smoking hookah. I would dedicate an hour to doing homework so I could have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. I want to be able to put aside more time for homework and studying. I also want to smoke less, since smoking hookah every night can’t be good for my body.

Are there any tips that you guys have to be motivated? I can’t seem to focus too long when I’m doing homework. Also, what’re your best study tips?


  1. A life management class sounds really interesting! I found that keeping an organized planner really helps. I write down a list of things I want to accomplish (before doing stuff in my free time) and I can set deadlines for myself ahead of time. That way I also know when I’m falling behind or if I’m starting an assignment too late.

    As for homework, I found it helps to take short breaks every other hour – maybe 10 minutes or so? You can fill the break time however you wish but sometimes it helps even just to get some fresh air outside. I know others who like listening to music, i.e. classical music or instrumental songs.

    Good luck! I think it’s great that you are wanting to be more motivated when it comes to school!

    1. I do have a planner and it helps a lot! I need to start writing in it consistently though, I always forget to put down my important assignments! Or I’ll get lazy and skip a week. D:

      Short breaks sound great! I get distracted easily though, so my short breaks turn into long breaks. It only happens when I’m at home though, an environment where I’m easily distracted. So I always try to go to a cafe to do my homework — nothing to distract me there!

      Thank you so much for your advice!

  2. I second Rezina’s statement. A Life Management class sounds interesting. Idrk if it’s for me, though. Time management is not too big a problem for me since I almost don’t have it, hahahaha. Four jobs and an internship eat up almost ALL my time.

    You’re right. You should put aside more time to do homework and less for Netflix and smoking. Here’s a suggestion. Listen to Netflix while doing homework. (In my university, there was a student who would practice piano and watch Netflix simultaneously and it worked for him. He’s a very talented pianist.) If that fails, listen to music and do homework (without breaking into a dance party).
    Or find something that will make doing homework more fun and less tedious.

    Motivation?! Ah, let’s see. What has kept me going strong in school has been thinking about the future and where I want to go/be. I always envision graduating college and getting my degree and starting my career. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work. Yes, you’ll want to cry. Yes, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot. BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT. To accomplish that goal in the end through dedication, resilience, perseverance, and determination yields the most rewarding emotional experience ever. At that point, you’ve proven to yourself (and everyone else) that you are capable of achieving any goal or dream you have.

    Keep us posted on your university progress and journey. I enjoy reading about your life in CA while I’m living my uni life in AL, haha.

    1. I didn’t really choose the class based on how interesting it sounded LOL. I kinda chose it because it fit my GE requirements and it’s CSU transferable haha.
      Dang, four jobs!? How do you survive? D:

      Ah, I’ve actually tried putting Netflix on in the background and it helps me. I try to stay in another room when I have it on though, so I don’t get distracted and stop doing my homework to watch whatever it is that I put on lol.

      Ugh, the amount of times I’ve been so stressed out this year that I wanted to cry was unbelievable. I’ve never felt stress like this! Thank you so much for those words, it really put it into perspective for me!

      What year of uni are you in?

  3. I wish I could give tips because I hate math of any sorts and suck in it and I get terrible crushing depression when I have classes. I keep constantly dropping but I think you should think of the future as motivation and what you wanna eventually accomplish.

    1. I hate math with a passion. It suuuuucks!! I’m glad to see that someone shares the same hate I have for it haha.
      I’m a lot more motivated this semester than I was last year. I think it’s because I’ve been doing better in my classes this time around!

  4. I don’t have study tips I’m sorry~ I always love to cram but when I do study, I usually have music on to keep my concentration hahahaha! and if math? I don’t even no. Math hates me and I hate it as well. The feelings are mutual XD I’m happy I was able to pass everything XDDD Goodluck on your studies anyway

    1. I cannot cram for my study sessions. All that information goes out my brain the next day. D:
      I always have a hard time concentrating and it makes me so stressed out!

      Thank you!

  5. Life Management class sounds like a good class. I would have totally taken that back in uni. I was reading Get Your Sh*T Together and she mentioned it’s a good idea to note down how long it takes you to do stuff and where you can cut down etc. I motivate myself with books and tv shows, personally. So, atm I am working on my book so I aim to write several hundred words a day toward my goal. Thing is I get easily distracted – so I say to myself, well if I complete my word count it means I can relax and watch an episode or read my book. I usually put my phone in another room as well because it is such a distraction!

    1. My LM class is surprisingly interesting. I never thought that I’d like it. But it’s proven to be worth going haha.
      I did keep a five day tracker for an assignment I had in class. It showed me where all my free time went and what else I could be doing instead that would benefit me.

      I can’t believe you’re writing a book! That’s so exciting!
      And yes, my phone is soooo distracting. I always find myself picking it up to “check the time”. When in reality, I turn on my phone to see if I have any notifications from my friends on social media. D: Such a bad habit!

  6. Good luck with your classes this semester! I am sure you’ll do great :). As long as you know your priority, you’ll be fine! I usually look at the end product as my motivation. When I was at school, I just focused on finishing by a certain date to keep me going. I like to retake some important notes for good muscle memory.

    1. Thank you!
      I’ve been retaking my notes for my web development class and it has helped a lot. Thank you for suggesting it to me!

  7. A Life Management class seems interesting! Back in college, I used this Forest app for studying. It makes you put down your phone for an amount of time in order to focus on studying. If you pick it up, you lose and a tree gets cut.
    Good luck on your second semester! I’m sure you’ll do better this time

  8. Ooooh, I would love to take a Life Management class, it sounds like something I need!

    Hmm, I don’t have lots of tips for staying motivated because sometimes I give in to temptation too! But it really helps when you have a planner where you can keep your schedule and to-do list. I prefer a notebook over a planner app because I retain more information when I write things down.

    It also helps when you’re interested in what you’re studying, and what keeps me motivated is the thought that upon finishing the homework I will have understood the subject matter more. The truth is, we can only learn so much from lectures, and doing homework is another way to discover and understand the concepts on our own by applying what we learned in the lectures. Whenever I do homework, I’m always after the “a-ha!” moment – that moment when everything comes together and you are able to apply the concepts. So whenever I don’t understand something I just keep going till I get it. It’s quite a proud moment for me whenever I get to that point, so I guess that’s my motivation

    Good luck on your second semester!

    1. I have a planner, but I’m always slacking. If I feel lazy, I skip writing in it for a week or two… it’s terrible.

      YES! I totally agree with you!
      I always rewrite my lecture notes before doing my homework just in case I’ve forgotten something. It makes my homework time go by so quick!

      Thank you for the well wishes!

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