Hey everyone. Apologies are in order — I haven’t been around for a while, even thought I said I would try to get back into the flow of things.

I was super swamped with it being the last semester of the school year and I was just trying to get my grades up. I was also working a lot more because a lot of my coworkers had needed to switch shifts or take time off for the summer.

Right now, I’m in Seattle! It’s so chill here, I love it.
I picked up some crystals, stones, and candles at spiritual healing store the other day. I’m in love!

I’m going to try to post more. Room tour coming soon, because I just moved into my new place and my new room is much bigger than my last one!

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  1. OH HAIIII STRANGER! Nah jk, I totally understand why I’ve you been away – gotta get that coin, obviously. Hope your last semester went well and hope you get to enjoy your summer Ahh, I wanna go back to Seattle so bad! I loved it there when I visited.

  2. It’s alright to be gone for a while! I know school is important too! That’s kind of what happened to me too during the past semester haha. I hope your semester went well and I’m so jealous that you got to go to Seattle!

  3. You just gotta take some time to yourself sometimes. Priorities and adult life takes over and that’s totally okay.

    Ahhhh wish I was in Seattle!

  4. Don’t apologise! You think you were gone for a while, but the past six months have been so busy for me, getting married and all… I tried to blog, and I wanted to read everyone’s blogs, but I’m so far behind in both. 😆 It can be easy to either get super busy with life, or enjoy it so much, that you take an unintentional break from your blog. And considering you wrote this in August and I’m writing this in March 2018… yeah, we’re both behind 😆

    I actually really like crystals, earthy stones, and rocks. I used to have a lot for decoration but now I prefer to wear them. I like to buy jewellery made from natural stones.

    I trust you’ve been well! I always see you having a ball on Instagram ♥️

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