I’m Back…

…with a blog makeover! It’s nothing too drastic, but I wanted to change the direction of the blog. I decided to start adding my food adventures on here!

With that being said, I wanted to start with my spring break. My roommate, our boyfriends, and I went to Sonoma, CA to go wine tasting. You haven’t lived unless you’ve been wine drunk for 1½ days.

Sonoma is such a small town, but it’s beautiful. It feels very rustic and vintage. They have cute little stores everywhere and the food here is delicious! My roommate is from here and she tells me that people are always visiting from way out of town just to go to the wineries there. Sonoma is known as wine country and it for sure turned me into a wino! I’m definitely visiting again for my next trip!


  1. It’s good to have you back!
    I’m always up for anything alcohol but I’m afraid I know very little about wine Seems like I have to go wine-tasting soon myself!
    What kinds of wine did you taste and what’s the best one?

    1. Thank you!

      I don’t know much about wine either, but if it’s alcohol, I’ll drink it! LOL.

      I really like dessert wines. I’m usually not one for sweets, but I like sweet wines. I hate dry (bitter) wines, they always leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Thank you.
    The photoshoot (on my layout) made me positively cackle, so I had to use it, I’m glad you like it.

    Criminal Minds is one of my favorites shows too. I’ve started watching it from I believe the second season (but I got to watch the first season as well later on, so I’ve pretty much watched the whole series) and I never stopped since….though recently it lost a bit of its attraction – I loved the dynamic between Reid and Morgan the most, so some of my interest went away when Derek left.

    1. I haven’t gotten that far yet in the Criminal Minds series lol. Derek is still on the show right now. I absolutely love Reid! And the dynamic between Morgan and Garcia haha.

  3. I like the blog change. It can be fun to make updates that keep you more inspired to talk about the things that mean the most to you. It’s great that you enjoyed the wine tasting.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes! I know I need to be more motivated with blogging and finding new themes always does the trick for me!

      I can’t wait to go wine tasting again. Being wine drunk is a great way to bond with friends lol.

  4. I really like the theme on your blog! You can never go wrong with black and white. Wine tasting sounds so much fun and fancy! I’m glad you guys enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I’m craving some cheese and crackers right now tbh! I have too much wine in my apartment to be drinking on its own haha.

  5. Hey, stranger!! Can you not go MIA again lol!

    Oh man, Sonoma is a great place for wine!! Cheese and crackers is LIFE. Glad you got to try out all sorts of wine and enjoyed your time up there :).

    1. I’ll try not to! It’s just life gets to be too busy sometimes. D:

      Yes, I’m planning on making a trip back to Sonoma for more wine tasting!

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