On My Own

I had been living at home for 21 years. When I finally got the chance, I moved out!

If anyone remembers from when I had Faded Aeterna, I was attending college straight out of high school. During the beginning of my third year, I decided to stop attending. I just kept thinking that school was not for me. I still think it isn’t. I am not motivated for schoolwork, but that’s a story for another time.

I had taken a break from school for a couple years. I was just working and living at home, and life was good.
I was making good money working a desk job at a start up company where everyone was very friendly and close. It felt like another family.

My parents had told me they weren’t going to help me out if I had moved out without getting an education.
My best friend, B, was telling me how the girl who was supposed to move in with her for college bailed at the last minute right before signing the lease. I decided to move in with her because why not? It was then that I decided to start going back to school.

Living on my own has taught me a lot. I didn’t realize how expensive it was for necessities! Groceries, toilet paper, toothpaste, tampons (the time of month is dreadful), and laundry! The apartment complex I’m living in has a laundry room where I have to pay $1.75 USD to wash my clothes and $1.25 USD to dry them. It’s so expensive! A floor mattress serves me as a bed.
I’d love to do a room tour for one of my posts after I clean up a bit, if anyone is interested! I have so many tapestries on my walls & I can link to where I got them! They’re really affordable, since I’m ballin’ on a budget now haha. Let me know what you think!

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