Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! The Lunar New Year started on Saturday, January 28th. My parents drove 3 hours to see me. We went to eat lunch at the restaurant I work at and the family that owns the restaurant made us dessert! We don’t offer desserts on the menu, so I felt pretty special hahaha.

I was really thankful that my parents were able to take time out of their busy schedules to come and visit me. They work a lot and they had time off that day, so they decided to celebrate the new year with me!
They were only able to stay for a couple hours since they had fur babies to take care of back home.

With the little time that we had, I gave them a tour of the little college town I live in. Everything is basically run by college students. I showed them our tiny mall (it literally only has like 10 stores smh) and the school campus.
I go to a junior college in the next town over, which takes about 15-20 minutes. The good thing is that they have a tiny campus in the town that I live in, which makes it easier for people who live here to be enrolled in my college. The tiny campus is located less than ten minutes away from my apartment, and it’s like a little indoor high school lol. I showed them that campus, not the main one.
My main campus is in the middle of nowhere since it’s part of a wildlife reserve. It’s awesome! You see a ton of animals there everyday and there’s students that help take care of them depending on what program they’re in.

Anyways, I showed my parents what I could with the amount of time they were able to stay. They thought it was a little funny that the town was so small and that it was run by us, the college students. It was a little too quaint for them lol.

ALSO! I’m still in the process of cleaning my room for the new year and setting it up how I like. So I haven’t forgotten about the virtual room tour!

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