Money Saving

As many of you know, I am ballin’ on a budget aka I’m a broke college student.
I try my best to save my money so that I am able to pay rent & utilities on time, as well as being able to buy necessities like groceries.

Like many young people, I’m always on my phone (as much as I’d hate to admit). I found an amazing app that helps you save money! The app is called Qapital*. You basically set goals of how much money you want to save and for what purpose. You can even invite other people to join your goals! My friend & I both share the goal for Coachella. We each have our own personal goal amount of $1200, so together, that is $2400 total. You’re able to see your own personal goal amount, as well as the shared goal amount. I put in $1 into the Coachella fund so you guys are able to see how it looks.
Then you set “rules”. The rules are supposed to help you save money.
The first rule I have set up is “Round-up”. Whatever I purchase, it’ll round it up to the nearest $2. It’ll save the difference into one of my goals. I use this rule for my rent.
The second rule I have set up is “Steps”. This will connect Qapital to your Apple Health app. It will put in $1 for every 100 steps I take (you’re able to edit the amount put in and the amount of steps). I have this rule set up for my security deposit that’s due next month for my new apartment I’m getting next year.
You’re able to make up your own rules to suit your needs!
This app is free and connects to your bank account. No worries, it is FDIC-insured & uses bank-level security.
If you use my link, you’re able to receive $5 free after your first deposit with Qapital.

Another app I use is called Ibotta*. You’re able to get cash back on many things that you purchase regularly. I use it most when I’m buying groceries. They will have cash back on items like milk, alcohol, snacks, etc. I’ve seen really high rebates up to $7! There’s probably a higher amount, but I haven’t seen any yet.
You’re even able to get cash back for buying clothes, beauty supplies, and even from restaurants!
It’s a great way to earn a little cash on the side, especially if you’re buying these things all the time. You’re able to cash out with Paypal or Venmo once you’ve reached $20 in rebates.
If you sign up using my link, you’re able to receive $10 free after you redeem your first rebate!

The last app I use is called Qriket*. You earn spins from watching ads or answering surveys. With each spin, you have a chance to earn money! I’ve had chances to earn $50 or $250 from these spins. Most of the time, it’s just $0.05. You choose between blue or yellow to land on. Make sure that the color you choose is different every time! It increases your chance of winning money. You’re able to cash out with Paypal. With my link, you’re able to receive 25 free Qriket spins!

I hope this helps everyone who is looking for ways to save money or to earn a little bit more on the side.

* = referral links

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